Concepcion-OTIS Philippines, Inc. – Made to move you

Moving the world since 1853

OTIS is the leading manufacturer of escalators, elevators, and moving walkways, operating in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

With vertical transportation & mobility solutions found in many of the world’s most famous buildings, the busiest transportation hubs, and the most frequented retail centers, OTIS helped build cities, transformed how people live and work, and revolutionized architecture itself.

A partnership of epic proportions

Concepcion-OTIS Philippines, Inc., represents the synergy of two leading industry names in manufacturing, trusted to deliver products and solutions that make life more convenient for people around the globe.

Concepcion-OTIS Philippines, Inc. is a joint venture between OTIS Elevator Company and Alstra, Inc., a subsidiary of Concepcion Industrial Corporation that was formed in 2014.

Global standards, consistent product & service quality.

With OTIS, you can count on our reliable solutions and unwavering commitment to service excellence. At Concepcion-OTIS Philippines, our team of highly skilled technicians and product engineers consistently adhere to global standards, guaranteeing an exceptional OTIS product and service experience every time.

Our success can be attributed to putting the customer first. Everything we do from maintenance to innovation comes from people-centered thinking.

a mother and child going up an otis-conception philippines inc. elevator

Our Mision

We aim to provide safe, reliable, and convenient transport & mobility solutions for Filipino homes and businesses that are a delight to ride.

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We are Made to Move You. We espouse customer-centered thinking through excellent customer service and solutions that are safe, smart, and reliable.

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Our Values

At Concepcion-OTIS Philippines, Inc., we believe in putting people first, building connections through innovation, and personalizing service.

OTIS Absolutes

We never settle for less

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We may be in the business of making a taller, faster, and smarter world, but we never take shortcuts to get there. To us, safety is non-negotiable. Whether it’s our people who build, install, or service our technologies, or the public who rides on our elevators and escalators, we always put safety first.

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Our reputation is priceless to us. Millions of people ranging from shareholders and employees to customers and passengers trust us because they expect and know that we do business the right way—the ethical, lawful, and honest way. Everything we do and make runs on that spirit of integrity.

a man going out of an elevator automatic doors

Enjoying the distinction of being one of the world’s most respected and top-performing companies means earning that position every day and in every market. It means always delivering safe and defect-free technology and services on time. Working with Concepcion-OTIS Philippines, Inc. guarantees excellent quality because we believe in delivering you the equipment your investment deserves.

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Reach OTISLINE the official 24/7, full-support Concepcion-OTIS Philippines, Inc. call center—at 632-8888-6847 (OTIS).

Made to move you ™