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An elevator and/or escalator entails a good deal of maintenance and management to ensure that it operates safely and smoothly for its passengers. min read
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For that reason, Concepcion-OTIS Philippines, Inc. Service Solutions offers a series of packages that provide all the repair and maintenance options your equipment could need while keeping costs and disruption time to a minimum.

When it comes to building services that cater to your vertical and mobility systems, Concepcion-OTIS Philippines, Inc.’s Service Solutions has you covered. We offer direct support from over 100 service technical experts and after-sales support professionals, as well as customer support from our 24/7 OTISLine call center, so you and your passengers get the smooth and safe rides you deserve.
We believe that your building’s equipment is an investment that your business needs in order to grow. As such, our team and the solutions we provide aim to earn your trust over your equipment’s lifetime, extending it whenever possible and replacing its parts with the best overall solution for your needs and budget only when absolutely necessary.
Our team of certified technicians are qualified and able to perform OTIS standard periodic maintenance services and special audit, among others to ensure that your unit is in good running condition or safely operating. Additionally, should you desire a more comprehensive audit of your equipment, we also offer that service upon request. These checks are supported by our suite of digital support tools which expedite onsite maintenance and enable safe, comfortable rides.   Lastly, you may also avail yourself of our service solutions via our 24/7 OTISLine call center, putting you in touch with experts trained in every aspect of your system’s operations.


We offer the following main service solutions:

Periodic Maintenance

We offer both standard and comprehensive periodic maintenance solutions to ensure that your building equipment is safe and in good running condition.

Furthermore, our service management system is specially designed to oversee assets under warranty or periodic maintenance, collect customer service requests, and deliver seamless customer experience.

When you work with us for periodic maintenance, these services are made available to you:

Key Maintenance Checkpoints

We employ a 52-week program scheduled into 12 visits within the year. Our technical experts ensures that your unit are thoroughly checked, adjusted and/ or repaired to assure your unit is operating safely in accordance with OTIS quality standards.

Product Upgrade Inspection

OTIS periodically conducts the checking and upgrading of parts across all its areas of operation around the world. These inspection sessions aim to ensure the quality of the products as part of our quality compliance.

Safety Critical Maintenance Task

Under this program, OTIS conducts safety tasks on an annual and 5-year-period basis as part of our periodic maintenance service offerings. These tasks involve functional tests, inspection checks, and mechanical tests to ensure safe operation of your equipment.

Service Repair and Supplies

Working with us gives you easy access to our system of fast-moving spare parts, thereby cutting down the waiting time for parts deliveries. OTIS has a vast network of suppliers with 11 major manufacturing hubs worldwide building them to offer at scale.

By ordering early through us, you could secure cost savings on parts deliveries and obtain essential consumable parts such as rollers, pulleys, ropes, brakes, and more quickly and without hassle.

For your peace of mind and convenience, our 24/7 hotline, team of 150+ technicians and support personnel, 24/7 callback technicians, and our emergency responders make it possible to contact us at any time, even during the odd hours of the day. Our technicians are certified under the OTIS quality standard for periodic maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs, ensuring the swift delivery of high quality services.


While all equipment naturally undergoes wear and tear over time, that doesn’t mean older elevators and escalators can’t still benefit from mechanical and electrical component upgrades. Our modernization services minimize the impact of the equipment aging process so they can last longer.

When your system starts to become outdated or diminish in quality, we provide optimization analysis and other diagnostic tests to accurately measure your system’s performance so you can make informed decisions regarding future upgrades or replacements.
We offer the following modernization service packages:

Modular Modernization

This package can significantly improve your service elevator by replacing its critical components like its controller system and door system. This package is recommended for elevators that have high electricity costs, poor leveling on landing doors, frequent shutdowns, or have been operating for an extended period of time (15-20 years).

Upgrade Kits

Upgrade kits are a quick and cost-efficient solution for high-impact improvements intended to extend the life of a unit. These kits include those that can be applied to the drive, the door operator, and other fixtures.

Full Replacements

In the pursuit of the safest and most efficient mobility solutions, a full replacement may be the best option. This is recommended especially for elevators that have reached the end of their optimal useful life, are too costly to maintain efficiently, have become obsolete, and/or have no more available parts.
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