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High-Rise Elevator

High-Rise Elevators are designed for high-rise buildings to quickly take passengers to their desired floor in buildings with 16 or more floors that encounter heavy traffic.

Our SkyRise® and Gen2 high-rise elevators provide elevation solutions well-suited for office, hotel or residential use.

Mid-Rise Elevator

Mid-rise elevators translate the high quality experience of high-rise elevators into a form suited for mid-rise buildings while still providing efficient and comfortable rides.

Our best-selling mid-rise Gen2 Elevators serve many different clients, including offices, hotels, hospitals, and residences.

Low-Rise Elevator

Low-Rise Elevators balance safety, energy efficiency, and compact design to provide quality transportation at every price point.

Our best-selling Gen2 and Gen2 Prime Elevators are used in office, hotel, hospital residential, and institutional buildings.

Home Elevator

Home Elevators are cost-effective elevators specially designed for private homes to offer versatility, accessibility, and customization.

Our home elevators excel at connecting your household so you can provide convenience and comfort to family members and to person with mobility impairments.

Freight Elevator

Freight Elevators are designed for serious cargo tasks, delivering failsafe reliability and good value. Combining proven strengths and the latest technology, our OTIS Freight Elevator is in its element when exposed to challenging environments, including factories, warehouses, and vehicle transportation.

Commercial Escalator

Commercial Escalators specialize at moving customers quickly and conveniently across floors.

Our Link™ Commercial Escalator is engineered for easy maintenance and maximum uptime, and can be programmed for indoors or outdoors. They work best in residential, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, and office spaces.

Public Escalator

Public Escalators are designed for the heavy foot traffic of transport hubs. The OTIS Public Escalator is engineered to provide an efficient, reliable, and safe ride to a large number of passengers at the same time. They are most appropriate for airports, train stations, and other heavy-use areas.

Moving Walks

Moving Walkways or Travolators speed up travel across level terrain, providing operational practicality and passenger comfort via human-centered design. The OTIS XOP is renowned for its high quality, reliability, safety, and energy-saving features, making it a mainstay at supermarkets, airports, and more.


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