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Houses and Condominiums

At COPI, we understand how important it is to move around in a safe, timely, and comfortable manner. That’s why we always look for ways to boost elevator up-time, lower noise, and increase durability. This holds true when it comes to your residence as well. We understand that your home is an expression of your personality and values, which is why we offer a vast array of customizations so you can tailor the design of your elevator to your liking. Our residential and private home elevators prioritize accessibility and comfort, ensuring safe and reliable movement that adjusts to your family’s specific needs as well as the unique characteristics of your home. 

Malls and Shopping Centers

When it comes to shopping, getting around is a key part of the experience. Getting to and from different areas swiftly and smoothly enhances the customer shopping experience and can make them more likely to visit your stores.  Our elevators and escalators come in a wide range of designs to blend with the architecture and handle any kind of traffic. More importantly, they are designed to be comfortable, quick, and safe, ensuring customers enjoy a relaxed feeling and peace of mind as they navigate your space and move from one shop or restaurant to the next. 

Offices and Business Spaces

Our commercial elevators are strategically designed to streamline the planning of elevator ranges via destination management and control. What this essentially does is allow you to control the floors your elevators travel to at certain times, thereby preventing bottlenecks during the high-traffic times of the day, such as in the morning or during the lunch rush. Even something as simple as reducing waiting times at the elevators can do a lot for the happiness of your employees, an effect that can translate to better-quality work. By taking advantage of these elevator tools alongside OTIS elevators’ quick travel speed, expansive size, and comprehensive safety and energy-saving features, we can help you create a custom environment where employee productivity and satisfaction can thrive. This in turn can lead to better performance and eventually, better results for your business.  

Airports and Transportation Hubs

In busy, bustling public areas and transportation hubs, it’s essential to keep passengers moving quickly and without delay. Our elevators and escalators are engineered to handle the high amounts of traffic in airports and all kinds of railways, including metro rails and subways, over long periods of time. We are dedicated to collaborating with you to come up with the best and most accessible solutions for each unique location--solutions that not only conserve space but ensure a seamless flow of people around the clock.