Moving people in the grandest spaces

Prestige Projects

Through our quality equipment and services, OTIS has become a trusted mobility solutions provider for some of the world’s most iconic buildings. Wherever you go, we strive to keep you moving quickly and safely.

Moving people  in the grandest spaces
Eiffel Tower, France

For the iconic Parisian structure, two huge hydraulic cable lifts were designed to run on rail tracks in order to work with the tower’s sharp curvature. Additionally, when re-engineering the tower’s lift system, two OTIS lifts were installed to create the longest open-air run covered by a lift—525 feet. Each consists of two cabins acting as each other’s counterweight.

Moving people  in the grandest spaces
Oriental Pearl, China

This tower features China’s first double-deck elevator, a new design and technology invented by OTIS to increase a building’s passenger capacity while using fewer hoist ways while freeing up valuable interior space. A circular, glass OTIS elevator takes passengers up, allowing them to savor the awe-inspiring view on the way to the observation deck safely.

Moving people  in the grandest spaces
Lotte World Tower, Korea

To quickly shuttle passengers up and down the height of the country’s first 100+ floor building, OTIS designed a special pair of double-deck elevators. They are able to make the trip from bottom to top in only 60 seconds. These elevators can also carry 54 passengers at once, being the world’s highest capacity elevators as certified by Guinness World Records.

Moving people  in the grandest spaces
London Underground, United Kingdom

To improve one of the most complex and highly frequented train systems in the world, OTIS lent its expertise to improve London’s rail capacity, develop more locations, and connect travelers with more stops throughout the city than ever before. OTIS also provided escalator solutions with considerable safety and durability to meet the high-traffic demands and constant operations.

Moving people  in the grandest spaces
Empire State Building, USA

The Empire State Building was the world’s first building to exceed 100 floors and OTIS was right there to supply it with the most advanced elevators at the time. For its recent modernization project, three Gen2® elevators have been installed to deliver an exceptionally smooth, quiet ride while our ReGen® and CompassPlus® technologies recycle energy and improve travel time drastically.

Moving people  in the grandest spaces
Christ the Redeemer, Brazil

Where once travelers needed to climb a series of steep stairs to reach this iconic statue, they now can simply ride OTIS elevators and escalators. The Gen2 elevators and outdoor escalators service the area and are designed to save energy. With its coated flat-steel belts and ReGen® drive, the Gen2 elevator uses 75% less energy than a conventional geared elevator without regen technology.

Moving people  in the grandest spaces
Shanghai World Financial Center, China

This visually striking building faced challenges in the form of wind. When wind pressure is high enough, it can produce a situation known as a stack effect, which causes noise, vibrations, and problems for elevator doors. To resolve this, OTIS engineers developed entrance vestibules that acted as air locks to keep the wind out and stabilize operations.

Moving people  in the grandest spaces
The Bow, Canada

The Bow was designed with nature and community in mind, with reduced energy consumption and the installation of indoor sky gardens. The OTIS elevators within are more spacious than usual, creating a comfortable ride with room to stretch. The combination of large elevators and green spaces encourages socialization and interaction whether people are in transit or at rest.