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Choosing the right elevator or escalator can be an intimidating prospect, but with Conception-OTIS Philippines, Inc., you can look forward to expert insights to help you every step of the way. min read
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Read on to learn more about how Concepcion-OTIS Philippines, Inc. adds value to your elevator selection experience and helps you get you make the best decision for your building’s needs and your budget.

At Concepcion-OTIS Philippines, Inc., our mission is to provide our customers with transport and mobility solutions that are safe and of superior quality. While every project we undertake holds unique challenges, we pride ourselves on our ability to fulfill the essential requirements while still customizing our products and services to meet our customers’ specific needs.   We take an end-to-end approach when it comes to business and offer everything from equipment and after-sales services to performance analysis and modernization. To make sure that our customers get the best possible product recommendations and service, our technical experts are regularly trained and apprised of the latest technologies and industry trends.   On a final note, we highly value collaboration with other stakeholders in elevator design, installation, and maintenance, including architects, contractors, consultants, engineers, and related building staff. It is with their help that we can work around budget expectations while still completing projects in excellent time.


OTIS Elevator Project Solutions is made up of four key services:

Equipment Selection

Concepcion-OTIS Philippines, Inc. offers a wide array of vertical and mobility solutions for different kinds of uses. These include products designed for specific environments including indoor and outdoor conditions, as well as those with harsh conditions (such as locations near the sea or those operating in extreme temperatures).
Additionally, we use a traffic analysis tool to pick the best elevator or escalator for the situation, assessing factors such as the number of floors, elevator speed, the size of the cabin, the capacity of equipment required, and the estimated amount of traffic.

You can also conveniently keep track of all the important details of your orders such as order history and project status via our Customer Management and Sales Platform. By accessing this information through our Customer Storefront Portal, you can enjoy a smoother, more seamless, and transparent experience with your dedicated sales team.

Engineering Design

We collaborate with multiple experts throughout the planning and design process—which includes engineers, architects, contractors, and more—to maximize efficiency while also taking our clients’ specific goals and requirements into account.
We also practice value engineering, a discipline that aims to use the most economical material and methods available without sacrificing functionality.

To help manage our design and team processes, our engineering team uses AutoCAD, a specialized architectural and engineering design software. It enables precise and efficient design which in turn allows us to make accurate measurements to fulfill all necessary design requirements. 
On a final note, while our escalators and elevators are highly customizable, Concepcion-OTIS Philippines, Inc. strictly adheres to Philippine local building codes and international safety standards, so you can enjoy peace of mind regardless of the product’s configuration.

Project Management and Installation

The proper installation of vertical and mobile systems requires the best combination of expertise, technical knowledge, and good engineering practices. Anything less could lead to unscheduled shutdowns, nuisance tripping, and other types of downtime, or in the worst possible scenario, an unsafe ride.
When you work with us, you gain access to our team of highly reliable engineers and technicians with superior equipment and systems knowledge as well as installation expertise, all of which has been honed by years of practical field experience. With our team handling the installation, you can look forward to timely, cost-effective, and safe projects that adhere to the highest possible standards.

If you’d like to keep track of the project’s progress, you may do so at any time through our Customer Projects Portal. This is our project management platform and it contains all the important updates including project milestone completion, billing schedule, and payment status throughout the construction stages leading up to project turnover.

Testing and Commissioning

Upon completion of the installation, the testing and commissioning phase commences. This stage of the project is done to ensure that the equipment has indeed been installed correctly and is performing within acceptable parameters. It is critical that we check that your investment is properly integrated with the building and that your elevator or escalator system consistently achieves optimum performance.

The steps of this phase include:

  • 1,000 runs – simulates real life situations and conditions

  • Load testing – adding different load weights to check the elevator’s or escalator’s reaction to overloading or to determine if shaking occurs

  • Safety feature testing

To make certain that our team has a clear understanding of the safety and rescue protocols, we have them undergo in-house basic elevator risk and rescue training annually. The same mandatory training and certification are also extended to the building owner and the building personnel in charge of safety.

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